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Ignaz Semmelweis February 19, 2018
Semmelweis correctly diagnosed the cause of childbed fever, only to be ridiculed by the establishment because he contradicted their opinion. Today the establishment reacts similarly to biblical creationists.

Reader claims Jesus approves of his same-sex marriage February 17, 2018
But are feelings and experiences the best way to determine Jesus’ view?

Reversible autopoiesis—a foundational design principle for life’s survival February 16, 2018
Because cells have the ability to adapt to certain stresses, such as a lack of food, they must have been functioning that way from the start.

Time: The Great Enabler February 15, 2018
Evolution relies on deep time which in turn relies on naturalism but science tells us the earth is young and so evolution is false.

Salty seas: Evidence for a young earth February 14, 2018
The salinity of the oceans is a strong evidence that they, and the Earth itself, are far younger than the billions of years required for evolution, and is consistent with the biblical age of about 6,000 years.

Two trees, one root: the link between evolutionism and Eastern spirituality February 13, 2018
How two philosophies both lead people away from God.

Just what we need February 12, 2018
Creation magazine helps us to think biblically about science, geology, evolution, and origins. See this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released issue.

Was Jesus an alien? February 10, 2018
How can we show the absurdity of the ‘alien Jesus’ idea?

The Cenozoic, Flood processes, and post-Flood catastrophism—problems and parameters February 9, 2018
Where in the geologic record is the Flood/post-Flood boundary?

The great educational experiment
February 8, 2018
Why using public money for school education is dangerous to children.

The sixteen grandsons of Noah February 7, 2018
Secular history shows that the survivors of Noah’s Flood were real people, whose names were indelibly carved on much of the ancient world.

Music: a crucial gift February 6, 2018
New research reveals that love of music is a foundational part of our design

Not-so-‘Still Life’ February 5, 2018
Not everyone sees a bowl of fruit as being ‘still’.

Noah’s Flood—the big picture February 3, 2018
Learning to see Noah’s Flood in geological maps and reports.

The Red Sea Crossing: can secular science model miracles? February 2, 2018
Can secular scientists really investigate the parting of the waters that allowed the Israelites to escape the Egyptians?

Monkeying around with cloning February 1, 2018
New monkey clones made the same way as Dolly the sheep. What happened, what should we think of this, and how would it apply to humans?

Lasting impressions January 31, 2018
A smelly creature leaves the senses reeling, but is another example of the Creator’s genius.

Bible Word of God January 30, 2018
Skeptics claim “The Bible is just a book written by men.” Do you have an answer?

Biblical text transmitted accurately over millennia January 29, 2018
Skeptics question answered! The Bible has been transcribed faithfully over thousands of years.

The fossil record and Precambrian rabbits January 27, 2018
Why unexpected fossil finds won’t falsify evolution.

Recessive Stage of Flood began in the mid-Cretaceous and eroded kilometres of sediment from continent January 26, 2018
The geology of south-west Western Australia interpreted from a biblical perspective.

BioLogos misreads Jesus on the age of the earth January 25, 2018
Theistic evolutionists at BioLogos make a vain attempt to sidestep Jesus’ teaching on the age of the earth.

New design innovations from biomimetics January 24, 2018
The incredible optics of a lobster’s eye have inspired the development of an X-ray device that can see through walls—a boon to the war on terrorism.

The Bible: is it guilty until proven innocent? January 23, 2018
Challenge the assumption that we should be skeptical about Scripture!

God’s wisdom in creation January 22, 2018
This article takes a look at Proverbs 8 and what it tells us about the role Wisdom played in God’s creation.

Does your brain make your decisions before you do? January 20, 2018
Answering a feedback about how to interpret neuroscience experiments.

Confusion over moon origins January 19, 2018
Evolutionists continue to wrestle with just how our nearest lunar neighbour was formed … and their explanations are unsatisfactory.

Using Bible history to interpret the rocks and landscapes January 18, 2018
A powerful way to change your view of the world.

The Galileo ‘twist’ January 17, 2018
Are historical mistakes being repeated today? And who’s making them?

Nice theologians leading the church away from the truth January 16, 2018
They may appear to be genuine shepherds, but many are leading their flocks astray.

Nebraskan deer mice—evolution’s latest ‘icon’? January 15, 2018
A colour mutation that camouflages deer mice against a sandy background is a great example of natural selection.

How can we tell when the Bible condones what it records? January 13, 2018
The Bible contains records of people doing terrible things. How can we tell when the Bible gives us negative versus positive examples?

Impacts and Noah’s Flood—how many and other issues January 12, 2018
A model of the catastrophic events at the time of Noah’s Flood includes multiple asteroid impacts.

Why CMI doesn’t answer all your questions January 11, 2018
CMI is an information ministry—so why are there questions we don’t answer?

The Riddle January 10, 2018
The Polled Dorset breed of sheep did not evolve—its hornlessness is the result of a mutation.

Correcting a cultist with truth and grace January 9, 2018
Many Christians are intimidated by false religions, but the most loving thing we can do is point people to the truth.

Oxygen in comet atmosphere undermines billions of years January 8, 2018
Space probe Rosetta finds oxygen gas found in coma of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Life of a Universe Part 2 End of Days January 6, 2018
Prof. Cox’s alternatives for the end of the universe are maximum disorder or maximum blowup. The future according to the Bible involves re-creation of the Earth, and universal Judgment by God.

Life of a Universe: Part 1 Creation January 5, 2018
We reveal the scientific problems with Cox’s claims regarding the big bang, the CMB, the horizon problem, the flatness problem, faster-than-light inflation, an eternal universe, and a multiverse.

Initial reviews rave: Alien Intrusion is another hit for CMI!
January 4, 2018
Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is in theaters across the US on 11 January 2018. Listen to why these pastors think you need to see it.

Aliens in your bedroom? January 3, 2018
The truth is out there .... if you really want to know.

Spacecraft Earth
January 2, 2018
We are all space travelers—and Spacecraft Earth helps us understand our place in God’s universe.

It’s all about the teacher January 1, 2018
Creation evangelists Bob and Frances Relyea are committed to teaching the teachers to continue spreading the truth of creation.

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